The Nature Nursery School is based on the principles of Forest Pre-schooling and Waldorf Early Childhood Education. The children develop social and cognitive skills through creative play in nature and with each other in a safe, loving environment. Children experience nature every day and in most weather. This Place Based Education fosters the development of relationships with each other and with nature. The children are surrounded with a peaceful natural environment in which to explore and grow. Beauty, Truth and Goodness guide our way!

Our morning program is from 8am-1pm with a blend of indoor and outdoor time. The children are indoors for circle time and morning snack then outdoors for nature exploration, then back inside for lunch (unless we have a picnic!). This program is offered Monday through Thursday and families may choose 2, 3 or 4 days per week. There is a 6 child maximum with an age range of 6 months-5 years old recommended.

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